Free Log Viewer Is A Professional Log Analysis Tool!

Our Free Log Viewer is a graphical tool which is not only a handy log reader but also a powerful log analyzer.  

Here’s what you get:

Free Log Viewer and Analyzer
Free Log Viewer supports multiwindow graphical and text mode

Download Free Log Viewer (Windows)
Log Viewer User Guide
Log Viewer Usage Example 

Graphical Interface Boosts Log Viewer Productivity

You can instantly get a “big picture” of your log file, immediately after you opened it. You will see all log events plotted as a function of time. The steeper is the graph, the more intensive the logging was.

In the figure below, you can spot the period of intensive logging – it is marked with black dots.

You can easily zoom in into any time period with the mouse.

Free Log Viewer Tool Works In Both Graphical And Text Mode
Free Log Viewer provides both Text and Graphical mode

“Classic” text view of the log file is available at the same time. Opened as a separate window, it automatically shows all the log events from the time interval that is shown in the main window.

Download Free Log Viewer (Windows)

Useful Books:

Implementing Splunk: Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence

Logging and Log Management: The Authoritative Guide to Understanding the Concepts Surrounding Logging and Log Management

Log Patterns Detection And Analysis

By Log Pattern we understand a combination of start/stop log events and/or some numeric value, or just either of the above. Working with patterns is very convenient in graphical mode.

In the example below, black dots show occurences of the *ERR* Log Pattern. The values specific for each occurence are also written on the graph.

Free Log Viewer Tool for Windows
Free Log Analyzer plots occurences of log patterns and prints values specific for them

The figure shows the window for defining Log Patterns. In addition, Log Patterns can be conveniently captured directly from the text view window. Log patterns can be named and are automatically saved for future use.

Log Pattern Analysis Example

Statistical Log File Analysis

This is yest another functional area where Graphical Mode is beneficial.

The Log Analyzer provides Statistical Analysis functionality
The Log Analyzer provides Statistical Analysis functionality

Download Free Log Viewer here!

Download Free Log Viewer Tool (Windows)
Log Viewer Tool User Guide
Log Viewer Tool Usage Example (Log Pattern Analysis)

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