Windows Event Log Analysis

Dynamics Software’s Log Viewer / Analyzer supports many types of log files.

For some log types, though, pre-processing might be needed to parse them correctly.

This applies to the Windows Event Log. One reason for pre-processing it is that the timestamp is not the first field. So it needs to be either stripped or swapped with the timestamp field. This is fairly easy with Windows tools.

The figure below shows how the Windows Event Log Analysis is possible after the pre-processing.

Windows Event Log Analysis
Windows Event Log opens in Log Viewer

The question here is, should we add the Windows Event Log Analysis functionality as standard? Is there a real use case for that?

Please let us know your opinion! Leave your comment on this post or just write to us!

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Log Viewer Tool Selection

Free Log Viewer tool for Windows is not difficult to find. However, it might require some time and efforts to find the one that would best suite your tasks. If you are looking for a tool, you might find these 5 Things to Consider useful reading to help you with your choice.

One tip to consider. Average free log viewer tool only supports text mode. However, some complex tasks might strongly benefit from using a Graphical Tool. If you think that you might need Graphical Interface as well as graphical result representation, we suggest you try our advanced log viewer tool. You can take a brief look at our Log Viewer’s main features or browse a Log Pattern Analysis Example

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Linux Log Viewers

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